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TikTak Houses is a leading source of Real Estate Content. The website has over 250 digital assets sold, with over 150 owners. Grab a piece of this Mega Website now before it’s too late!

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This is your chance of owning a part of an industry-leading real estate website.

Imagine reaping the benefits of a real estate investment, but without the hassle of maintaining a property. With the emergence of digital assets, this has become a real possibility.


In the face of a job setback or global crisis, having varying sources of income beyond your day job can be a lifesaving advantage. Buying digital assets is a smart way to increase your net worth and gain financial stability, and getting started is easier than you think.


At TikTak Global, we’re inviting you to plant the seed that will flower into a fruitful investment. As for making it grow – you can leave that part to us.

There is no need to pour time and effort into the challenging, often risky endeavour of building an own online business of your own in order to earn a steady flow of income.


We’ve built TikTakHouses.com and grown it into a premium real estate website that drives traffic and is constantly growing in value.


By joining us as a digital asset owner, you gain a stake in a $1.39 Trillion global market. How’s that for opportunity?

Owning a digital asset means earning a passive income, meaning that there is no effort required on your part to maintain or grow the asset’s value. We tackle lead generation and marketing so you don’t have to, building premium websites at the top of the industry so you have more money in your pocket.


When it comes to real estate, we’re thinking big. Global. TikTakHouses features premium real estate content touching on every continent, and covering over 500 cities. Real estate is one of the few markets that is reliably increasing in value over time, and is a smart and secure choice when it comes to a digital asset investment. You can be a part of this movement. Making one smart purchase allows you to earn money consistently and easily online, without lifting a finger.


It’s not too late to stake your claim on a piece of this lucrative global market—but it soon will be. With nearly 90% of digital assets sold on TikTakHouses, the window of opportunity is quickly closing.


Need a little convincing? Let us tell you why purchasing a digital asset in real estate could be the perfect fit for you.


Why TikTakHouses?

Whenever you make a purchase, it is essential that you feel good about where your money is going. When it comes to buying your first digital asset, the real estate market is a reliable and profitable industry to consider.

Just like you, real estate investors are eager to find the right opportunity to turn a profit, but they don’t always know where to start. TikTakHouses.com is built upon offering premium content to the people and professionals who are looking for it.


What sets TikTakHouses apart from other real estate blogs?


    • Relevant, local insight for each property
    • Properties in 500+ cities
    • Insider’s tips on how to maximize on your investment
    • In-depth, specific information 
    • Plain language—no confusing jargon 
    • Opportunities for stakeholders to network with one another


TikTakHouses.com covers real estate markets across multiple continents. Take a look and choose a city or region that appeals to you, regardless of your location. That’s the beauty of owning a digital asset; this is an investment strategy that transcends borders and is easy and flexible to acquire.


Packed with insider knowledge and practical, informative advice, TikTakHouses.com is a one-stop shop for curious investors and real estate professionals looking to make their next move in the market.


We pride ourselves on building a website that not only earns income, but grows in value. We invite you to grow with us.


Content is the King of Real Estate

These days, content rules every industry. If you aren’t putting out the right information, you are not connecting with the correct audience, and that means a loss of income. TikTakHouses is designed to maximize on the power of content, tailored to the needs of investors so that you reap the profits along with them.


We want you to know that there are ways to earn passive income beyond physical assets that demand thousands of dollars in investments. Buying a digital asset opens the door to a new and groundbreaking way of creating steady cash flow, and demands a much smaller investment and zero upkeep.


A digital asset is a clever alternative to traditional investment options that will save you time, energy, and money, without compromising on the payoff. Visit TikTakHouses.com to browse the digital assets currently available. But remember: they’re going fast!


"I didn’t know much about the digital world, but after running into an ad for TikTak Global, I decided to try it. The most amazing thing is that I don’t have to build a website or operate it in order to own a digital asset! The potential is huge and so are the profits!"


"I heard about TikTak Houses from my cousin and I realized what huge potential it has, so I sincerely recommend investing with this company. Since purchasing my digital asset, I already made 10% in profit!"


"I decided to buy an asset on TikTak Houses after a long research of digital assets. I was looking to find something that includes good support and guidance from the team and it’s exactly what I found. I am very happy to be a part of this company’s success!"

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Frequently asked questions

You have 90 days to receive a 70% refund from the amount paid. 90 days should be enough to see progress. In addition, in case you’re not interested in the digital asset and 90 days have passed, you will be able to sell your digital asset to someone else.
Of course. You can fill in your details in one of the website’s forms and one of our experts will be more than happy to personally assist you.
Upon registration, you will receive personal login information to the back-office system, where you’ll be able to view how much money your digital asset has made. To withdraw your profit, open a support ticket within your personal dashboard and our support team will make sure to wire the funds within 6 business days. Furthermore, your personal account manager will be there for any question/request you may have.
Each Digital Asset has several different income sources such as: Google AdSense, YouTube Ads, Taboola and Outbrain Ads, business partnerships led by our in-house B2B manager, affiliate offers (CPL & CPA), lead generation for business owners, selling banners to business owners and selling advertising space to business owners.
After purchasing a digital asset, an email will be sent to you with login information to our system, where you’ll be able to see the asset’s current status at any given time, how many sales went through and how much money you earned. You can withdraw your profit to your PayPal or bank account.

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