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TikTak Houses

TikTak Houses allows you to find investments, residential and

commercial properties, agents and brokers in 500 cities around the world

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  • Want to join a cash flow? Invest in digital properties

    The TIKnologies gives full control over your investments. All these tools will work for you and instead of you!

  • CRM Access

    Easily manage interactions with customers, build relationships with them, increase sales, improve service, grow profitability and more.

    Tracking System

    The transparent and comprehensive tools panel will clearly help you to track the results and see the progress.

    Billing System

    You don’t have to worry about your billing operations. Focus on your earnings while we care about invoices, billing, credit card autofiction, taxes, checkouts and more.


    The customized user-friendly dashboard that visually tracks, analyzes and displays KPI. You will never miss any important metrics.

    Customer Support

    Whenever you or your clients have difficulty with something, our dedicated customer support team will literally rush to help you.

    Marketing and content strategy

    Marketing and content are the core stones of any business. We know how to accelerate your growth by implementing a winning strategy.

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    Frequently asked questions

    All digital assets created now are in English. The websites containing these digital assets are international websites, targeting a world-wide English-speaking audience. In the future, it will be possible to add another language to your digital asset.

    Every digital campaign and asset has different advantages. Our marketing team is dedicated to optimizing each campaign, while constantly examining and changing it in order to improve results. Research shows that long-term ad budgets lead to better results.
    We are now at the final stages of completing our CRM system. The system will allow clients to view their campaigns and much more.
    There are a few options when it comes to advertising deals in the digital world. Some advertisers pay a fixed price for a certain time period, and others choose to go by CPA; when payment is based on generated leads/sales that come through the digital asset. CPA contracts can reach tens and hundreds of dollars per lead/sale.
    Yes, you will have the opportunity to sell your digital asset to someone else. Your account manager will provide you with more information when you decide to do so.
    Yes, you can purchase several assets in one or more websites.
    Yes, it is possible to use up to 12 installments when purchasing a digital asset.
    Yes, the available payment methods are bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal.